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Get a FREE Rent Analysis for your property!. Start here!

Get a FREE Rent Analysis for your property!. Start here!

Time Tools
Time Tools

Time Tools Services  and Contact Information

Services Overview:

Dr. Hamilton teaches a proven 5 step process to individual clients either in an intensive, 3 hour VIP session or a 3 month coaching package.  Either way, she is committed to working with clients until they can experience an easy flow of life where TIME expands or contracts to meet their needs.  She also offers free group presentations that can last anywhere from 10 min. to 2 hours.  In her presentations she introduces the concept of viewing TIME through a cultural lens that challenges the assumption that TIME is a scarce commodity.  

Contact Information:
Joan Safran Hamilton, PhD
13185 SW Brightwood St.
Beaverton, OR 97005
503 207 5490

About Time Tools 

TimeTools is a new way of relating to TIME.  Are you a caring parent who is missing your son or daughter’s childhood because of the long hours you work?  Are you constantly faced with the dilemma of choosing between your busy career and spending quality time with family, a choice no parent should ever have to make? There’s a solution to this problem and it has nothing to do with “work/life” balance or quitting your job.  It’s about changing your relationship to TIME.  Learn how issues with time negatively impact your life by taking the 3 Minute Time Quiz at
Since 2009 Dr. Hamilton has been experimenting with expanding and contracting TIME.  She helps clients connect the dots of everyday anomalies in their own experiences with TIME in a way that highlights the possibility of a different reality.  In this alternative reality there exists the possibility of increased efficiency and productivity, as well as time to create deeper, more meaningful relationships.